Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's really almost Christmas, isn't it?

Goodness - the time has really flown by. I caught myself saying to a customer today that our registers were as slow as Christmas, but stopped because Christmas is not slow this year. I mean, it's right around the corner and I'm NOT READY!!! Still much to do!! I did just finish 6 necklaces for the cousins last night and this is finished - just about:

a close up:

And the reason why I'm so far behind on Christmas is that we spend some time here:

Disney was amazing, as always. We had a great time and I think I'm just now over it - just now caught up on sleep and laundry! Shew! Vacation is a lot of work!

Well, I'm going to work on some Christmas stuff - teacher's gift MUST be completed tonight - she gets it tomorrow after all!! And then I may have to run to Walmart!!

Hope your Christmas has been Merry so far!


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