Saturday, March 31, 2007

busy busy blogger

I really want to update here more often, but just haven't had the chance. So here I am, another Saturday, trying to get it all done!!! I have loads of laundry screaming (not just calling) my name. Dishes wanting to be washed. So much to do and so little time.

School has been really busy this past week. The kids are really keeping my on my toes. I never knew that a 10 year old could have so much of an attitude. It drives me crazy. I could NEVER be that disrespectful to another adult - even at 35 years old! These kids don't care. They don't do it to all of their teachers, but they certainly do it with me and I just don't get it. They really amaze me at what they say and with their "I don't care" attitude. And I'm OH SO TIRED of shrugging shoulders and rolling eyes. There is a teacher, Ron Clark, that moved from the South to teach in an inner city school up North - New York maybe. He dealt with much more than I've encountered - but he established wonderful rules in his room - 55 essential rules actually - and changed these kids lives! I've read some many stories about teachers who have done these amazing things - I think I've become a bit naive to assume that I will change a child, or that I even have the ability to change a child and their attitude. All I can do is hope that I can do that though. I WANT to do that. I don't want to just stand in front of a classroom and talk about something boring - I want to move the students to want to learn and have fun doing it and be respectful to their teacher and every single other adult they encounter in their life. It seems as though parents aren't teaching that anymore. I know mine did. I don't remember them saying ok respect every adult, but they led by example and just expected us to yes mam, no sir, etc - to everyone. I don't remember it being a big deal, we just did it. It was easy to do too! So why can't these kids in my class do the same??? Things are just different these days - that what I hear. But why? Why does it have to be different? I know we've done things differently with Cole that my parents did with me, but I didn't have cancer when I was three, so that's a little different. But I still try to raise a wonderful child who is respectful and behaves for the most part, and knows to say thank you and your welcome and all that stuff. These kids in my class don't even bother with thank you most of the time. They think I OWE them or something - it drives me crazy! I can see why a lot of first year teachers end up quitting and doing something else. It's hard. I just hope I make the right decisions and have great relationships with my kids parents so that we're all on a team together. I know I will have some of THOSE kids in my room, but I sincerely hope that I can make a difference in that type of child and they will respect the adults in their world and take some pride in themselves at the same time!!!

ok - enough about that!!! GEEZ! I'm working on a few other things besides school and struggling in the process! I can't get it all done, but want to really badly. I need to make some blinkies and banners to do some advertising for the scrapbooking website I'm on. We really want some new members to join in. We aren't a scrapbook store - just an online community! So you can live anywhere to join up and have some wonderful discussions with us, join in some challenges which are oh so much fun - lots of friends have been made here so I'm hoping we'll get some more members soon and can plump up our membership! So I am going to design some blinkies and banners for us to put on our blogs, other message boards, etc. So if you are reading this and want to check it out - come on over - - it's a great site and we have a lot of fun. We're making lots of changes so we'll be a great online community. We were a local store until the end of last year, so we're changing and adapting and growing!!! So come check up out and sign up and meet the Design Team, and all our great members.

I'm also working on a flyer for the Chemo Moms upcoming fundraiser! We're having a chemo crop I guess. We want to host an all day crop and the proceeds will go to our support group for local families with pediatric cancer. So I need to get busy on that. SO - I guess I need to get off of this thing and get busy - some laundry, some dishes and a blinkie or two!

have a wonderful day - leave me a comment - smile at someone you don't know - and remember the rest is still unwritten.................

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Magnolia Memories said...

Hi Lisa :) Congrats girl -- you're almost there! Graduation time is approaching fast :)

You'll be a great teacher because of your attitude ... and you'll find your own niche in how to deal with the kids and how to motivate them to want to learn. It will just take a little time, so don't give up. You're going to be an awesome teacher that all the kids are going to want to have!

I'm so excited about The Paper Place! Everything is starting to roll there -- we have the best Design Team and we're having so much fun there :) I can't wait to see what April & May bring.

Take care! And -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blinkies!!!



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