Sunday, January 7, 2007

I got my scrap on this weekend!

WOO HOO! I got some scrapping done Friday night, which I plan on finishing up today! YEAH!

It was great to have a good five hours or so - just to get some work done. No interuptions from Cole (you know the kind - Mommy rewind it faster, Mommy I want something to drink, Mommy can I have a cookie). I seriously don't mind the interuptions - it's just sometimes Cole doesn't understand that I really need to get this title down first before I go refill his drink! :)

So the tree is finally down too - and all the decorations are gone and put away. It's really over. Cole walked into the living room, put on his pouty face and pointed at the empty spot where the tree had been. All I could do was say I know buddy - I'm sorry! He hates for the tree to come down. But we're now on the countdown to his birthday (35 days until he's 6). So he's ok now. Speaking of birthdays we've decided to have a Karate Birthday! Cole's karate school does a really fun party - we can't wait. Next weekend we have two Pump It Up parties to go to. One for triplets in his class and one for my nephew! We haven't decided if we can handle Pump It Up all day long or not - we'll see.

Tomorrow everything goes back to normal. Cole will have a whole week of school and I start Student Teaching at his school! I'm excited, nervous, etc. It's fourth grade - which I've never stepped foot in - at least not since I had my own year there. And there is always that awkward time where you have to learn all the kids names and figure out their schedule and all that. But I'm anxious to be back at the school - I love this school - and I'm anxious to finish this semester! I really want to graduate! I'm tired of being a student - I want to HAVE students instead!

Well, Cole is calling again (asking me to turn down my TV just a teeny bit) and I still haven't unloaded my scrap crap from Friday night's crop so I've got to get busy!

Have a great Monday!

Are you bored yet?

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