Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a while

Sorry I've been a slacker again. It's just had to update a blog when nothing is going on very blog worthy! Here's a rundown of the last two weeks....

The Saturday after I updated last we were lucky enough to get to go to an Alabama Football Game!! ROLL TIDE - it was really fun. Jason and I had never been to a game together - or a game in Tuscaloosa - so that was fun. And we won - so what's better than that. OH - better than that is two of our friends from Mobile (Daphne actually) came up for the night and we went to the game with them!

Then we had a baby shower for my cousin in law. They are having a boy in December and we are all so excited - can't wait for a baby to be around the family again. It's been 6 years, almost 7 by the time Corwin makes an appearance!!

My birthday was the 18th - fun stuff - got some money - bought lots of scrapness!! We went out to eat with the family and that's always fun. Straightened my hair too - that was work. At least an hour to get it dry and somewhat straight! But worth it since the humidity was low and it lasted a while! Not a great shot of the hairdo - but a birthday photo none the less!

This week I took a class at Scrap Etc. and made a really cool tray that I'm going to keep for myself but reproduce for a few people as gifts. Really cool!! I'm starting to think about Christmas presents, Santa presents and things I want to make. I would so love to bake a ton of cookies for everyone, but I'm not that good at baking cookies. I want to be though! Practicing would be good - but honestly, cookies aren't on the diet. Speaking on 'the diet' I've lost 28 pounds since mid June. Huge deal for me. I need to lose about 20-25 more. Then I would at least be closer to me ideal weight. I'll keep working at it, but it's no fun!! Smaller clothes are fun though!

Oh, back to Scrap Etc. I went to class and was able to enjoy a nice lunch with Virginia and Carol - and it was great to just be a girl. I really missed that. I had girlfriends that I did lunch with during school, but that last semester, we weren't together and didn't get to do that often. So it's been fun to do it here - go to a class with girls and be girly and eat lunch and talk about girly things!! I'm outnumbered at home - so girl time is GOOD time. I had lunch today with my cousin and two of her close friends. Fun times had by all. I'm going to another class Saturday too so I'll have more fun projects this weekend to work on!

My high school's homecoming is Friday night and we're talking about going with my cousin. Jason has tons of homework, Cole's not going to care about it, but I'd like to go for old times sake I think. We'll see. Jason has to work Saturday morning, so I don't get to do the Scrap Etc lockin, but the class will be good enough. Then Sunday he's got to go to the school library and work on papers. So nothing major planned. I'll probably scrap a little, work on some projects, an altered item or too for Cole's teacher's birthday.

I'll try to update after the weekend with some new photos of things I will finish - I hope!! OH - all the halloween decor is out at our house too - pumpkins galore - i love it! I love this time of year - my favorite!

So happy fall


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two in a row......

Yep, I'm back again today! Well, I have a cold - and yucky stuffy head cold. I can't breath and just feel run down. I haven't had a bad cold in a while, so I hope this one goes quickly - I hate getting sick. I don't feel like doing much of anything when my heads all in a cloud.

I made a fun little thing last night - for Christmas actually, but then decided I could do other things with it too. Here's a few pics - this was train track pieces in the dollar spot at Target - they were actually 50% off - so only 50 cents for four pieces of track. Then I ran back there today and found them 75% off so I got more!

So today, I've made another set with my soon to be born little cousin's name - Corwin. His baby shower is Sunday, so I made this little train track name thingy for him too. I hope his mom likes it. I think it'll be cute in his room somewhere. I also worked on some painted canvases for our bedroom. Finished those last night and hung them in our room. I'll take pics this afternoon of the canvases and the other little name train! I'm thinking of doing Merry Christmas - if I have enough pieces. We don't have a mantel here over the fireplace, but there's a small ledge that these could sit on - at least I think. Either way - cute stuff and I'll find somewhere to put it!

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to add pics later this afternoon. I have about an hour before leaving to pick Cole up, so off to fold another load of laundry and take some more cold medicine. Later.............................


I forgot I got tagged by Heather - sorry Heather - so here it is:

I must post the rules, then list 7 random things about me and then tag 7 others to do the same by leaving them a here goes...

1. I love to read - must do it every night actually - I can't help it.

2. I really love when Cole calls me MOM instead of Mommy. I know I shouldn't because that means he's growing up - but given our history with cancer - I'm thankful he's growing up!

3. I have started making my Christmas lists already and coming up with ideas for all the little cousins, but haven't bought a single thing!

4. I am hoping to go to the Alabama game this weekend - I've only been to one Alabama game and would love to go again.

5. I always wanted more than one child, but finally after much discussing we decided to only have one - and now I can't imagine it any other way. I love just having one.

6. I love organizing things, like Heather - but rarely actually stick to it. I love storage containers and places for things, but just don't use them all!

7. I could listen to Kenny Chesney 24/7 - and try to most of the time!


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